Monday 16 April 2018

Piccadilly Camping, Lacock

Bit of a longer trip this time, all the way to Lacock, Wiltshire to stay at Piccadilly Caravan Park.  Also different as there are three of us so I need to make up the second bed in Hebe - something I've not done before and it's a bit of a kit of parts.

Got there late afternoon, set up and headed for the pub.  In this case the George Inn in Lacock.  Really nice pub with excellent Wadsworth beers.

Something to eat, then back to Hebe to have a glass of wine and work out how to put the bed together.  Sort of got it eventually and only had a few bits left over.

Following morning the weather had improved and it was almost sunny.  I had recently bought a Cadac Chef BBQ so spent a good hour trying to work out how to put it together.  After a pre-lunch pint or two in the Red Lion in Lacock, it was back to Hebe and fire up the “Barbie”.  We had got some supplies from Nick's Butchers at Hartfield earlier so had some good sausages and bacon.  BBQ worked well and all washed down with a bottle of wine.


We settled in for the evening when I noticed I was just short of my daily target of 10,000 steps.  Only one solution, a brisk walk to the Red Lion pub in Lacock for a pint or two.  Steps target achieved, in for the night and in the morning it was raining again.


Got packed up and sorted out (although getting rid of the waste water was interesting) and then hit the road.  Again nothing to eat so a stop at the White Hart at Lower Horsebridge for a late Sunday lunch (again) was called for.


Piccadilly Camping at Lacock is a really nice place and I'll definitely be back there again. Just wish water disposal was a bit easier but practice makes perfect.

Sunday 8 April 2018

Horam Manor Camping.

This trip was meant to be before the Ypres trip and was originally scheduled for 2nd March.  However the snow put a stop to that.

The site is only a short drive from where Hebe is stored but by the time we got there, sorted Hebe out and headed off to the campsite, we were starving as we had nothing to eat all day and it was now mid afternoon.

So, parked up, then off to the Horam Lakeside bar for a couple of beers and an all day breakfast.  The weather was improving, the rain had stopped and the sun was even showing some signs of coming out from behind the clouds.

Penny's cousin turned up around 4:30pm so I got the deckchairs out, some M&S cakes, a pot of tea, a beer for me and a bottle of wine for the girls.


During the night, it rained.  The following day, I want into Horam for supplies - it was raining.  After lunch, I did another trip into Horam via the Lakeside bar and the May Garland Inn.  A swift pint in each and then back to the campsite.


Despite a nice sunset, it rained during the night and the following morning it 20180407_193854rained, but I still had to pack up and get Hebe ready for the road.  A quick stop at the White Hart at Lower Horsebridge for a late Sunday lunch (really nice pub) then it was off back home.

The weather is never going to be good in early April but the campsite at Horam Manor was really nice with great facilities and staff.  Good weekend and I'll definitely be back here.

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