Sunday 29 July 2018

Piccadilly Camping, Lacock (Again)

Another weekend trip to the rather good Piccadilly Camping at Lacock.  As it's a long way, we stayed the previous night at the Travelodge at Hellingly with dinner and a few drinks at the White Hart in Lower Horsebridge.

Early start the following morning and soon on the road, with a stop at Nick the Butchers to get BBQ supplies.  GPS was warning of traffic problems on the M25 so routed us a different way.  Also spotted lots of road closure signs for Prudential Ride London cycle event on the Sunday - the day we were coming back.  Soon hit the traffic and crawled onto the M25 where it crawled again for miles to the M3 junction.  After that it cleared.

We arrived at Lacock some two hours later than expected due to the heavy traffic. 


Parked up at Lacock

Soon were booked in and got the BBQ fired up.  Another very hot and sunny day.  Clouds were starting to gather as I walked into Lacock to have a pint or two at the Red Lion pub

Following morning, a late breakfast and laze around in the sunshine. 


Few clouds around and it even started to rain - soon it was plonking it down.  When the rain calmed down, we all headed off to the Red Lion for a few glasses and some food.


Lacock and the Red Lion Pub

Rained overnight so things were a bit wet when packing up the following morning.  Breakfast then on the road again.  M4 was a bit busy and warnings came up about the M3, M25 and the M23.  A lot of roads were closed due to Ride London, the weather was terrible with heavy rain and strong winds so soon the traffic jams started.  Miles of solid traffic on the M3 and M25, then we hit the M23.  Even worse due to weather and the roadworks and the surrounding road closures.

Finally got there, parked up and headed for the White Hart again for a bite to eat, then back to Bromley.

Terrible traffic, heavy rain but Piccadilly Campsite is really good and Lacock is always nice to visit.

I'll be back again sometime.

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