Sunday 12 August 2018

Another Horam Visit

This one was just a weekend away in Horam again.  Basic idea was to go for a BBQ and enjoy a weekend outside.  Linda came along as well this time.

But of a rush on Friday evening to get to the campsite before 8pm.  Made it – just.

Following day was BBQ day and the weather was sort of OK.  We weren't able to get to Nick the Butchers so were using M&S ingredients – nowhere near as good.


A few beers and some wine were polished off and then it was a takeaway Chinese from Yaws Kitchen as they deliver to the campsite.

Next day we booked to stay on the campsite till 6pm, then Linda and I went off to explore a local vineyard – Hidden Spring.  Quick wine tasting (we were driving later), then a quick visit to the local Co-op and a beer by the lakeside on the way back.


Bit of a late night by the time we got home, but a great weekend 

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