Sunday 28 October 2018

Saint Valery sur Somme

This will be Hebe’s last trip of 2018, a visit to the Somme.  Also first time on the Channel Tunnel.

The weather had been unseasonably warm and sunny, right to the day of departure, when it all changed.  As it was a bit of an early start for the Tunnel, we went down the night before, picked Hebe up and stayed at the Holiday Inn at Folkstone.


Parked at the Holiday Inn, Folkstone

I’d taken the afternoon off work, so we got there at a reasonable time and thankfully were able to park across two spaces.

Following morning, it was up and about and off to the Tunnel.  As we had allowed a bit of time, we forwarded loaded onto an earlier train.

Access to the Tunnel was easy for Hebe with a dedicated “high vehicle” lane and easy loading on a single height carriage.


On the train in the Channel Tunnel

One benefit I immediately found over the ferry, was you stay with the vehicle, so I was able to sort things out in the van during the travel time.

When we arrived at Saint Valery sur Somme, it was raining and the campsite office was closed for lunch.  I dropped Penny and Linda off at the local Friterie, and after a quick lunch and a cold beer I headed off to check in.


The Friterie and Camping Le Walrec

When I got to the pitch it was raining hard.  I parked up and plugged in the electrics, which didn’t work so a bit of faffng about required..  By now I was soaked and muddy and just before I went back to tell check-in, I realised I hadn’t actually switched it on.  Doh!.  Everything now working (apart from the fridge not functioning on gas) I headed back to the Friterie for another beer.


Parked up at the Campsite

By now it was raining again so I got soaked again sorting out water and things.  It was also cold and windy but Hebe has a very effective heater so that and a few glasses of wine sorted me out.  That evening, I did a barbeque in the dark and the rain while the girls sat inside in the warm.  A few more glasses of wine and it was time to call it a night.

Overnight and the following morning it rained and was freezing cold.  Later on the sun came out so we walked into Saint Valery for lunch.  Found a nice Creperie and then walked around town a bit. The old town is very scenic.


Old Town in St Valery sur Somme

It was a bit further to walk into town than expected but manageable.  We went for a walk down to the river but the wind was biting cold so it was a short visit.


Somme estuary at Saint Valery.

Headed back and ended up in the campsite bar for a refreshing beer for me and wine for the girls.  We then tried to book a restaurant for that evening but everywhere was fully booked.  I was dispatched to have a look around but all I could find open with space was the Friterie again.  I booked there and had a walk around to help my leg (I’d damaged a nerve beginning of Sept)


Pointe du Hourdel at Saint Valery sur Somme

Friterie was good and it seemed like we were becoming regular customers.

Back to the van, a few glasses of wine and get ready for departure the following morning.

Next day, it was cold but headed off for the tunnel then back to Hebe’s parking and then home.  Again the tunnel was great as I could sort Hebe for over winter storage in transit.

Good trip, the weather wasn’t great, Saint Valery is a really nice place and Camping le Walric was OK, but to be fair, we didn’t see it at it’s best.  It was a bit far out of town though.

That’s it for 2018 now.  Time to start planning for 2019.


PS, Hebe now has a Poppy on her radiator for Remembrance Sunday


PPS, I even fixed the gas problem with the fridge by pushing the reset button Confused smile

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